East-West Healing Arts

Western Massage

Methods that can be used include:

Neuromuscular Trigger Point

Based on chiropractic and ancient Aryuvedic methods, this technique employs a combination of direct pressure, cross-fiber, and rolling techniques. Excellent for easing acute and chronic pain; it is used to loosen fascia, deactivate trigger points, lengthen fibers, and reset muscle tonus. 

Cyriax Cross-Fiber

An advanced method of soft tissue manipulation originally develop by James Cyriax MD devised to break up and remodel scar tissue. It combines injury assessment, cross-fiber techniques and rehabilitation in its treatment protocol. 



Developed by a German muscle therapist in the 1920's, this unique method uses fingers, knuckles, forearm edges, and elbows. This total cross-fiber technique is used to access deeper muscle layers, release tissue adhesions, and break-up fibrosis. 

Myofascial Release

From the works of Ida Rolf -- works on the fascial coverings of the muscle groups. Effective when regular massage methods fail to release the contraction of the muscle. Requires client interaction.

Developed in the 1800's by Henig Per Ling, as a method of physiotherapy and medical gymnastics, this technique applies vibration; kneading; friction; and long, lengthening strokes to superficial muscle layers. Additionally, joints are passively rotated through their range of motion. 


Developed by John Upledger, D.O., from earlier insights by osteopathic doctors who advised to treat the person as a whole rather than isolated systems. It includes a fluid-based model to describe what is observed during the very relaxing treatment.